Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WE HAVE A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday - Tuesday, April 14, 2009 we received a referral for a TINY baby girl. She is approximately 3 months old and she is a tiny, precious, beauty! There is a story behind our referral and why I am just now making this announcement today. Yesterday was a heavy day as we received a referral for such a terribly malnourished baby. Her story is sad and it was just hard to rejoice over the referral as we processed her circumstances and situation. AW's office closed just 20 minutes after our referral so I had to wait all night to talk with our family coordinator and get some more specific information. It took my brain a little while to realize that I had a millions questions!

During the night and even this morning the Lord has continued to confirm that this is indeed our Aria-Lu ("Lulu"). As Terra described Lulu's situation during the referral call, all that kept going through my head was the name that God originally gave me for her  - "Aria"  - meaning "Lioness of God" in Hebrew. The Lord was showing me that this name is a promise of strength over her. He takes the small and simple to confound the wise. He holds the weak and adds his strength. I'm thinking of that verse "the joy of the Lord is our strength" and how God made Libby such a picture of His joy. I believe Libby is going to be the perfect sister for Lulu!

There is so much more to this story. Some I might be able to share soon. The rest will have to wait. We can not share her picture with you until we pass court. We are, from this point forward, going to be praying first for Lulu's health and weight gain, then for a quick court date and then a SUCCESSFUL first court date so we can pass court before the Ethiopian courts close in August! Timing is important here! Lulu needs to be held and nurtured by the family God has chosen for her - US!!!   - so that she can fully recover!

One quick story of confirmation to share. Lulu is only a little over 6 pounds right now. But she was even smaller a few weeks ago. So our agency had to start shipping a special formula from the States just for Lulu. That is the formula she started responding to. Well - back in January and throughout February Libby was praying specifically that Jesus would send milk to Lulu. I never suggested that she pray that way. She just did it and now it makes so much sense. Indeed, Jesus has had to ship special milk to her so she could survive! 

Here is the actual post from March 6 about Libby praying in that way (which is EXACTLY when they were trying to figure out what formula would work for her!):


Big Sister's Thinking of You


Today, out of nowhere and not prompted at all, Libby said, "Momma, Lulu is crying and we need to get her." Then she said, "Lulu is crying and she needs her milk." A little while later while we were cooking she said, "Mom, Lulu is crying and we need to get her home. She needs her milk. Will Jesus give it to her?" And before I could answer she started praying out loud, "Jesus, give Lulu her milk and get her home. Thank you Jesus."

I wonder what is happening in your world today?

Love you!
Mommy and Libby


Janet Whipple said...

Wow, Cindy, congratulations to you guys!!! I may have seen your little girl at the TH 2 weeks ago...we have seen some really tiny babies go through that place and come out strong and healthy, so be encouraged! We'll be praying,


Stacie said...

I have been checking your site EVERY day in expectation of this post! I am so thrilled for your family! The part about Libby praying for Lulu's milk made me cry. I remember reading all of those post where you described those prayers. It's amazing how, in the sovereignty of our God, those sisters are already connected.

Jenn said...

The Lord has shown up hasn't He!!?? Wow!! What an awesome big sister Libby has ALREADY been praying for milk!! CHILLS all over my body thinking about that!!

We are praying for your darling girl Lulu!! The Lord has His hand on her and He's not taking it off!!

Rejoicing with you!!


Anonymous said...

Cindy, we are friends of the Martines, and I feel like we know you through your two precious families to Libby and Maliah! We have prayed along side with you, and we are estatic for you!!!

We continue to pray.

The B Family said...

Been following your story for a few months, as we are also adopting our next daughter from Ethiopia.
Thrilled for your family, prayers for sweet Aria.

K.P. said...

I got chill bumps reading about Libby praying. Our babies have such a special connection to our Father that I only pray we could have a piece of! Amazing!! She is definately yours as God has already connected those two as sisters at heart!! Praying with you for a speedy homecoming!


Amanda said...

I am crying over this amazing child's prayer. God can so speak to children b/c they are so unhindered. Your little Libby may have a gift of intercession. :) Praying for baby Lulu. God has chosen awesome parents for her who gave her a prophetic strong name. She will become a lioness for sure!

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Cindy! I am a long time lurker...since you were over and blogging about Miss Libby...I have been looking everyday as I knew it was coming soon. Isn't it just wonderful to see and feel the connections when it comes to adoption? :) Many prayers with you...and Lulu that she may grow strong! With love, Heather...mama of (almost) 3 through the blessing of adoption :)

Kari said...

Ohhhhhh Footes we are so ecstatic for your family!!! It brings me back to our own TINY referral almost a year ago. Zoie Senait was barely 3 months and so under weight. Just to remind you for special encouragement...when we went to Ethiopia, she was 6 months old & weighed only 7 pounds. You know what a thriving, healthy chubby girl she is now. God is faithful to His children.
We are praising the Lord for this mighty miracle. Praying for her health!!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Jaime said...

that is awesome! wow! the holy spirit gives us the words to pray when we don't know them ourselves! congrats!!

Janee said...

Such exciting news. What an amazing God to work out tiny details... like Libby's prayer. Praying that Lulu continues to grow and gain strength and that y'all are able to get her SOON!

Anonymous said...

I just re-read what I wrote. . .can you tell I was excited for you!?! I made no sense!

God laid the name Aria on your heart for a reason, and she will continue to be a lioness until she is in her mommy and daddies arm and is safe!

Alli said...

I'm so excited and emotional too. I can't imagine what you must be feeling. Praying for all of your needs to be met. Praying for LuLu's body. What a testimony about the power of prayer concerning the milk. Praise Him!

Laura Bowers said...

So excited for you guys. Praying Isaiah 41:10 over you and LuLu right now...may He uphold you with his righteous right hand. Laura Bowers

cristie said...

So thankful for good journaling! One day, you will be able to show LuLu that even before the Lord had shown you her face, he was orchestrating your hearts and orchestrating prayers on her behalf! He starts with the faith of a child ... Libby, whom all along has been giving you little messages from the Lord - his intercessor! I cannot get over what an amazing confirmation! We pray and wait anxiously for LuLu's court date and travels! San Antonio is ready to welcome home the Lioness!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Cindy, we are so excited for you guys! I told my husband and he was very excited - he took a special liking over her and knelt down to pray over her while we were at the TH. Our initial and remaining thoughts of her are that she had a depth to her when you would look in her eyes and she was a fighter! Although small, it seems that is not holding her back! She has a purpose! Praying for you guys!

Marti said...

I realized I hadn't been on Facebook today so decided to check here as I prayed--HALLELUJAH and praise Jesus! How awesome that you kept such a great record of your journey so that you have even more specific reasons to PRAISE HIS NAME with all of us and with LuLu as she grows. Libby, you have an amazing Mommy and Daddy who have already taught you to pray in faith. Thank you for interceding for your sister!

Continuing to kneel beside you,


Meagan Brown said...

OH wow I just love God and the story He has to tell through Aria. Congratulations!

merparker said...


I started to post earlier, but couldn't for the emotion that came over me after reading about your dear sweet Aria-Lu. I am so very excited for you guys and praying that when you next see her, she will have gained the weight that she needs. As for Libby, she will always be her her big's amazing to see that the Father blesses our children with a love for each other even before they meet. Praying for you still.

Erica said...

What an amazing post! We are so excited for you and will continue to lift your family up in prayer. If you will excuse me now, I must go dry my tears!

kristin said...

YIPEE! Wow... I am so excited for you guys and your little girl!!! So so happy for you... cant wait for you to get her and get her healthy!

chicknboy said...

I've been lurking for awhile as well...I remember the post back in March about Libby praying for milk for her sister. And didn't you just post the other day that Libby told you her picture was on her way to you?! Amazing how He has been speaking thru Libby. The faith of a child-so powerful.

praying for her safety and for her health...and that the Lord will have His hands all over the timing of the paperwork so you can get her quickly. :)

rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

YAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! CONGRATS! It's amazing how God can use the hearts and lips of a child to pray the necessary prayers.

WE are THRILLED for you...and though we do not know one another personally....I believe your story will inspire many.

Our prayers are continually with you!

Candice & Dan

Debi said...

WOW!!! God has heard and answered prayer, for a baby sister, milk and so much more. May Aria Lu be a mighty woman of faith- A Lion of God.
The joy of the LORD is your strength.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I have followed your blog for some time now. Just wanted to stop lurker to say congrats!!

Aunt Becky said...

We are all so excited!!! We will be praying for Aria to gain weight and grow strong for her mommy and daddy. That's you and Billy, by the way!!! How exciting!!! Aunt Becky is soooo looking forward to holding your sweet baby girl. Libby already has that wonderful big sister quality that you always had. I love you so much!

Eryn said...

I have been following your blog, but not sure if I've ever commented before...but today is a GREAT day to start! Congrats! I love the story of Libby praying for her milk...that is SO cool. I love how God let you know that as part of her story.

julie w said...

Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you! We will be praying for sweet Lulu and her health and for you all successful court dates! I love the story about Libby and her prayers! How sweet! God is so good! :)
I can't wait to hear even more on this precious little girl!
Love you all!

ashiacole said...

i am SOOO happy for you guys! isn't it amazing how much God speaks to us through children?! that is an awesome example of how this is your precious lulu baby! can't wait to hear more stories when you can post them!

Joy Portis said...

I have been stalking your blog for this news! We are rejoicing with you and praying for her health and a quick and successful court date! I can't wait to see her beautiful face and learn more about her! Libby's prayer is so precious and powerful. Looking forward to more updates as God continues to shine brightly in this journey!

The Gillman Family said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for you all. Praising Jesus with you all!!!

Anonymous said...

It's Alba form Kehl, Germany (again). I cannot believe how excited I am, mostly for someone I have never met! I am so happy you are getting your precious Lulu. You are an inspiration to me, and your adoption stories are giving me the strengh I need to start that journey myself (I live somewhere where adopting is nearly impossible and almost unheard of).
Please pray for me so that I too can mother a child of my heart who needs me.
I know the Lord is looking over Lulu until she can get to your arms. I'll be praying for her and for you guys.

Chris said...

Oh Cindy I am crying tears of joy with you!!! My thoughts and prayers have been with you every day for the last couple of weeks. Praising God for his perfect timing in your lives. I love Libby's prayer for her sister, God pressed on her precious heart exactly the needs of her sister! I will continue to lift you all up in prayer for Lulu's continued strength, weight gain and overall health. And of course for your court to go smoothy and quickly so you can go and get your baby girl!!! God has big plans for both your mighty girls!!
I can't wait to see her precious face and know more about her!!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your story for a while....I am friends with KarolAnn and Jeff Moore and we attend their church. We are also adopting from ET - 3 older children....anyway, I felt a nudge to check in with you today since I knew you were getting close! I'm so happy and I so know your Mommy's heart is just being pulled apart. Rest assured she is in the palm of His hand. Praying right along with you and Libby!!!! (so COOL).
May you be truly blessed on this next portion of your journey to GO GET HER!!!!
Leslee Matthews

Rebecca said...

Praise God - that is AMAZING!!!

Kristi J said...

Congrats..I just found your blog...We're with AGCI and received our referral about 2 1/2 weeks ago..Well, it was actually our second referral for a baby girl since the birth mom changed her mind for our first referral before we could travel...Congrats..I'm sure she is tiny and beautiful, kristi

Anonymous said...

Cindy! We are SO happy for you, Billy & Libby! We'll be praying that Lulu is home by the first week in July when we begin our next journey in the state of Florida. I so hope to meet this baby in person! Much love to you!

Kim Salmans

Katie said...

Cindy I am soooo overjoyed and excited for your family! I read your post and in the middle of work began to cry. The prayers sweet Libby prayed for milk are incredible. What an amazing Lord we serve, that he would take the faith of a child to reach another child across the world!! Praise His name!

Michelle Riggs said...

I am excited for your family. Praying she gains weight, is healthy and is home soon.

Marianne pour "les cousines de Xuwen" said...

Congratulations to you !!! What a joy. We are delighted for you. Marianne, Luc and French XU cousin Ninon (still waiting for an hypothetical referral in 2013 - in the best case - for DD#2 from China)

David and Amy said...

I have tears running down my face as I am sure I was there when your daughters prayer was answered. Julia took high calorie formula and I remember they were very excited about having it for one child in specific. God may have sent milk before our group too; but I am sure your little prayer warrior was prompted by our amazing God!

Cindy M said...

I remember that post about the milk, and I just got the coolest chills reading it again!!! Congratulations!!! I, too, have been checking frequently for news of your referral. Can't wait to see her picture! I'm sure she's beautiful.

tricia said...

Congratulations to your family! Referrals are magical, aren't they? We'll be praying for Lulu.

:)Tricia (Mommy to Xuwen sweetie, Maia)

Holly said...

OH! I had no idea! Praise be to Jesus!! Praying for this lioness of God to grow and be mighty in strength and be in your arms soon.

Much Love and Joy!!

M's 玠玠 said...

Oh Foote Family! Congratulations on Lulu's referral! I was so excited to read your post.

We will be praying for Lulu...and you as you prepare to travel! God is so good- I am still inspired about Libby's prayers. Wow!
I hope all is well!

Carla said...

Your family was one of the first families I followed to China, so excited to see your referral and to follow you to Ethiopia! Congratulations on your precious miracle.

Fellow AWAA Family,
The Lewters

Danielle said...

I am crying, Cindy as I read this beautiful post abd how God uses the prayers of children. He is so amazing!!! I am so excited for what this means for your family.

Much love and celebration,