Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Sister's Thinking of You


Today, out of no where and not prompted at all, Libby said, "Momma, Lulu is crying and we need to get her." Then she said, "Lulu is crying and she needs her milk." A little while later while we were cooking she said, "Mom, Lulu is crying and we need to get her home. She needs her milk. Will Jesus give it to her?" And before I could answer she started praying out loud, "Jesus, give Lulu her milk and get her home. Thank you Jesus."

I wonder what is happening in your world today?

Love you!
Mommy and Libby


kangaj1 said...

Wow--lotsa tears with this one! Thanks for sharing!!
Melissa Juvinall

carissa said...

this is one of the most precious things ever! love you and can't wait to meet my niece! we are praying for the referral and travel before the courts close.

Tammy Morgan said...

WOW..and we think our kids don't understand what is going on in the "Big World".... This melted my heart and gave me chills all over. Praying that your referral comes soon so that Libby can have her Lulu come home.
Tammy Morgan