Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Referral, Hague Training COMPLETE and a Conference Call in 10 Minutes!

Last night I completed the Hague Training (for me and for Billy)! At the end of the training it said the certificate would arrive in the mail in 3-4 weeks, so I'm glad we got it done because 4 weeks from now is the end of March and we could get a referral any time from late March through April (or later, but I'd rather not think about that!).

Today the Rogers family received a referral for a girl! This is the coolest family and I'm so stoked for them! They were requesting "either" so we move up in the combined line, but not in the "girl only" line. We have a conference call today (in less than 7 minutes) and I submitted a question in regard to so many girl referrals going out and if that means that more people requesting "either" will be getting girl referrals (instead of the assumed boy referral in previous months). Looking forward to hearing that answer because that could significantly change how far out our referral is.
 - - -----------------
Post - Conference Call:

Call went well. Was very informative. But really, they can't answer the questions I most deeply want to know - like - WHEN AM I GETTING A REFERRAL?? ha ha! Terra did say that once a family is in the top 5-10 or so they will starting contacting those families to let them know they are getting close. That's a new and refreshing change!

Oh - Jaime Delfosse - I saw on YG you were saying that you are number 8, but on this list your number 6 for "either" and number 3 for "girl only". Either that is good news for you OR I am missing someone on my list (bad news for me!). So let me know which it is!

Lastly, I really have to program my mind to think of us as number 11 and not 7 because anyone in line ahead of us could receive a girl since there is a shift in the number of boys vs. girls being referred. And, of course, there could always be another mystery family.

Oh my, so many unknowns. If only I had an "off" button for the mommy in me until the referral call. But nope - I'm on. Full on.

So here's the updated list:
1.     Mullins – EITHER – dte 4/25/08
2.     Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
3.     Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08
4. (1)  Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
5. (2) Garner - girl only - 5/2/08
6. (3) Delfosse - girl only - 5/9/08
7. (4) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
8. (5) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08
9. Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
10.(6) Portilla - girl only - 6/13/08
11.(7) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12.(8) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
13.(9) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preparing Libby for Ethiopia AND Sisterhood!

I have been thinking a lot about our trip to Ethiopia - even though I have NO IDEA when it will be. I've purchased several great travel toys/books for Libby so I can entertain her on the long flight. We fly all the time, but we've never taken Libby on a flight quite as long as this one will be. So I thought it best to have some new toys and books that she won't see or even know about until the day we travel. 

A while back I created a Life Book for Libby that tells her entire adoption story. She loves it and the book started a whole new love in my heart. A love for writing "books" just for Libby that address whatever issues or lessons on which we need to concentrate. I've written one about princesses  - about being a REAL princess of the King. I am still working on that one. And I have some other ideas for the near future. But the following "book" became priority so Libby can be as prepared as possible for the big trip to Ethiopia and for becoming a sister. 

The actual "book" is full of pictures that go along with the story. But it would take too long to post all that here. I couldn't figure out how to share the file on this blog so I just cut and paste the story. 

I went to UPS today and had the pages laminated and bound with a simple plastic spiral. It's kid-friendly enough for Libby to hold it and play with it. I dropped off the pages and came back to pick it up a few hours later. The employees at UPS were so sweet when we came back to pick it up. They were in love with the story and the whole idea behind it. That was really encouraging.

It has been fun making personal stories just for Libby, but for anyone traveling to Ethiopia - or on any adoption adventure - with little ones I thought this idea might work for you too. Just wanted to share. Enjoy!

I’m Flying to 


(and becoming a Big Sister too)

By: Cindy Foote


I am 3 years old. Mommy and Daddy think I’m becoming a big girl. They even think I am big enough to become a Big Sister! I was adopted from China. My baby sister is coming from EthiopiaEven though we are from very different countries, our adoption stories are almost the sameJust like mommy and daddy flew on a plane for a very long time to get me in Chinawe will fly on a plane for a very long time to get Lulu. We are flying to Ethiopia!



Mommy and Daddy say we must first wait for our adoption agency to send us a picture of Lulu so we know who she is and what she looks like. That will make it easier for us to find her when we fly to EthiopiaOnce we have her picture we will have to wait for many weeks before we can fly to EthiopiaDuring that time we will PRAY to Jesus for Lulu to stay healthy and safe. We will also start shopping for Lulu’s clothes and packing for our big trip! What color do you think will look good on Lulu? What do we need to pack for her?



 When it is time to go we will have a lot of luggage – even more luggage than mommy and daddy took to China because this time I am coming with them! The plane ride is going to be the longest plane ride I have ever taken.


Mommy is already gathering special toys and surprises so I have plenty to play with on the plane. We are even taking some special movies and snacks! This is going to be FUN!



Mommy and Daddy say that Ethiopia will be very different from any other place I’ve visited. The people will look different from me and will look different from mommy and daddy too. Many of them will have darker skin and curly black hair – like this:



 Most of the people will talk in a different language called Amharic. I will not be able to understand what they are saying. It will sound like jibberish to me! The people of Ethiopia will not understand me either because I speak English. This is why it is very important to stay with mommy and daddy the whole time. They will always know who to talk to and how to take the best care of me.


Many people in Ethiopia are poor. Many of them do not have homes like mine. They live on the street. Mommy says that many of the people in Ethiopia do not have money or food. They might even ask us for help by tapping us on the shoulder or holding out their hands. This is the only way they know how to live because they are so poor they need help. Mommy and daddy say that we will PRAY for them because they have so many needs.

 Many of the people do not have clean clothes like me and most of them do not even have clean water. Mommy and daddy say that it is very important to only drink bottled water. I can’t even brush my teeth with the water from the sink. We always have to use bottled water.


 Mommy says I will smell some wonderful smells, like coffee or perfume. But she also says that I will smell stinky things too - like Lulu's dirty diapers!

 Daddy says I may not always like the food in Ethiopia, but they are going to bring some special snacks on the trip just for me. But it is FUN to try new foods, so I will try to be brave even if the food looks icky to me. You never know. It might taste delectable! Here is a picture of Injera and other Ethiopian foods!


 I am going to meet lots of children at the orphanages. I am from an orphanage too, so there is nothing to be scared of as long as I stay with mommy and daddy.

 Mommy and daddy say that I will be sleepy during the daytime and I will want to play and have fun at night because when the sun is up in Ethiopia the sun is down in San Antonio. It is okay if I get tired and sleep a lot. Mommy and daddy will understand. They say that if I use my words and tell them when I’m tired they will do everything they can to help me rest. And if I’m awake they will play with me. But I have to be patient with mommy and daddy because they will be very tired too. 



 After we fly to Ethiopia we will meet our Ethiopian guides who will help us talk to the people in Ethiopia and will also help us find Lulu. A couple of days after landing in Ethiopia we will finally meet my baby sister. This is just what happened when mommy and daddy came to China to get me – see, here’s a picture of mommy and daddy getting me:

I used to be a baby. I drank milk from a bottle many times every day. I could not walk or even crawl. I wore a diaper and even pooped in my diaper! Sometimes I cried a lot because that is the only way a baby knows how to talk.

Mommy and daddy tell me that Lulu will do these things too. Mommy and daddy will have to hold Lulu a lot. Sometimes I might get jealous and want to be held too. I will have to be a BIG GIRL and wait my turn. Having a sister means I have to share my mommy and daddy. Sometimes this will be very hard. But mommy and daddy say I will soon love Lulu so much that I won’t mind sharing my mommy and daddy with her.



 We will do some shopping in Ethiopia. We will see many new things. But mostly, we will be getting to know LuluLulu might be a little scared of us because we look different than her. I am going to love on her and let her know that she is safe with us. 

I’m going to be the BEST BIG SISTER in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!



We will be in Ethiopia for one whole week and just when we are getting used to it all, we will have to get on a plane again for another very long plane ride home.  At this point we will be VERY, VERY, VERY tired!


We call this “dog tired!”

We will all have to be KIND to each other and PATIENT so we can have a FUN plane ride home!

This plane ride will be different from the plane ride to Ethiopia. It will be different because it will be our first plane ride with my new baby sister. Mommy and daddy will have more to carry. We will have to take turns being held by mommy and daddy. Lulu will need her bottles of milk and her diaper changed often. And mommy and daddy will be very busy taking care of Lulu and me.

We will play again with our special travel toys and watch our special movies again too. And then – FINALLY – we will be home in San Antonio with my new baby sister!



For several days after coming home we will all be tiredLulu might not sleep very well at night because the sun will be down in San Antonio when it’s up in Ethiopia.  She will think it is daytime when the sun goes down. But soon, she will learn to sleep at night.

A lot of people will want to come see my baby sister Lulu. She will be new and little and everyone loves to look at babies. Sometimes I might want people to look at me and pay attention to me. That is okay. I just need to tell mommy and daddy how I am feeling. They will understand.

Lulu might get some presents. I can help her open them.

The great thing about being a BIG sister is that I can teach her how to use her new toys. I also get to teach Lulu English. It will take her a long time to talk, but I will be a big part of her learning how to say words like,  “Momma”, “Dada” and “Libby”!



 Lulu and I will grow up to be the best SISTERS and the closest FRIENDS. We will be different in a lot of ways, but we will be the same in a lot of ways too. I can’t wait to meet Lulu and get to know her. She will need a lot of hugs and kisses and I’m just the right sister to give her those things! Although we will have some hard days, most of the time it will be fun having a sister to play with.

One thing I know for sure. Mommy and daddy love me.

Even though I will have to share them with Lulu I know they will love me just as much as they did before Lulu joined our family.

I can’t wait to fly to Ethiopia and become a big sister!! I love you, Lulu!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1.     Mullins – EITHER – dte 4/25/08
2.     Rogers – EITHER – dte 4/28/08
3.     Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
4.     Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08
5. (1)  Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
6. (2) Garner - girl only - 5/2/08
7. (3) Delfosse - girl only - 5/9/08
8. (4) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
9. (5) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08
10. Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
11.(6) Portilla - girl only - 6/13/08
12.(7) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.(8) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
14.(9) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

YES OH YES OH YES!!! 2 more girl referrals went out today! The Keiderling family received a referral for a 5 week old baby girl and the Gagnon family received a referral for a 2 year old girl! That moves us up the overall list AND the girl only list by TWO! Woot Woot!!!

We are now number 12 in the "either and girl only" and number SEVEN in the girl only line!!! OH YES OH YES OH YES!!!!!

And - in case you want the entire overall list of the top 12 waiting for a referral (boy, girl or sibling group) - here it is:


Top 12 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

Mullins (DTE 4/25/08) - either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Rogers (DTE 4/28/08) - either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Bullington (DTE 4/28/08) – infant boy (0 – 12 mos)

Bayly (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Precopia (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

Garner (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 18 mos)

Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

Delfosse (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl(s) (0 – 18 mos)

Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

Bushre (DTE 5/30/09) – either infant (0 – 6 mos)

Low (DTE 5/30/09) – boy (3 – 36 mos)

I believe we are only 2 referrals away from being on this list!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

8 months!

Just a quick note to say tomorrow will mark EIGHT (8) months of waiting. I'm really ready to see some more referrals move out this month so we can have a referral by April (please, oh please?). Oh - and as Feb 22 approaches I am remembering that four years ago on that day a group of Karamajong, African women prayed over me while I held an African baby that God would give me a child. And I'm still thinking about how cool it would be if our baby was born on that date Feb. 22, 2009 - 4 years later... it's possible.

We fly out to Pampa, TX tomorrow to lead worship for a D'Now so I knew I wouldn't have time to post then. May referrals rain down tomorrow. I'll touch base again on Monday!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Keep Referrals Rollin'

3 Referrals went out today. The Stacklers who have been on our list for either a boy or girl received a referral for a boy. The Gillmans received a sibling group - a 5 year old girl and a 2 1/2 to 3 year old boy! And the Dragovich family received a referral for a 6 year old boy and a 2 1/2 year old girl. 

So, now we move one up in the combined line to number 14 and stay number 9 in the "girl only" line. 

Here's the new list:

1. (1) Keiderling – girl only – dte 4/18/08
2.     Mullins – EITHER – dte 4/25/08
3.     Rogers – EITHER – dte 4/28/08
4.     Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
5.     Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08
6. (2) Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
7. (3) Garner - girl only - 5/2/08
8. (4) Delfosse - girl only - 5/9/08
9. (5) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
10.(6) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08
11.(7) Gagnon - girl only - 5/30/08
12. Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
13.(8) Portilla - girl only - 6/13/08
14.(9) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15.(10)Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
16.(11)Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

I don't ever show the following list, but it's getting exciting around here and we will enter the top 10 overall list (that's everyone waiting in any line) before we know it. Here are the top 10 THAT WE KNOW OF (those darn mystery families!) on the overall list:
Top 10 or so (that we know of) waiting for referral:
Keiderling (DTE 4/18/08) - infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

Mullins (DTE 4/25/08) - either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Rogers (DTE 4/28/08) - either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Bullington (DTE 4/28/08) – infant boy (0 – 12 mos)

Bayly (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Precopia (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

Garner (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 18 mos)

Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

Delfosse (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 18 mos)

If you kept this list going a little further I believe we would fall around number 16. So, if six more people on this list get referrals this month (which is totally possible!) we will be in the top 10 overall! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mystery Family Discovered -We're Back to #9

I rarely check my home voicemail. Most of the messages on there are from people trying to sell something. So, today I did my first voicemail check in at least 2 weeks time and received a sweet voice mail from a lady named Heidi Garner. Heidi lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and, I think, 4 bio-children. She is adopting from Ethiopia and has been following this blog for a long time. She was calling to "confess" (as she put it) that she is in line ahead of us for an infant girl. In the voice mail she kept apologizing for this saying that she is not on the YG or any other group/list to be accounted for. Poor thing! So I called her back today and she was so sweet and apologized again saying that she feels like she's "cutting in line" even though she's been DTE since May 2. I told her not to worry about it and it's no big deal. We had a great conversation and she sounds like an awesome woman/mom. I told her that it's way better to know now that she is ahead of us so we can account for it and not be surprised later. But either way, the truth is, God has already ordained who Lulu is for our family and no number in line can change that. This is not a surprise to the One in control of it all.  

Garners - you are now either number 2 or 3 in the "girl only" line depending on when your log in date was.  And we are now number 9 in the "girl only" line. We always knew there was a chance for "mystery families" to exist in this line. So - if you are reading this blog and you are another mystery family - it's time to "confess" as Heidi put it. Ha ha! You can email me at: or be brave enough to call at: 210.481.6776. I'll have to check my voice mail more often to see if any of you step forward. I promise I won't bite! 

The Garners are DTE May 2. So, knowing that - here's how the new line up goes (that I know of):

1. (1) Keiderling – girl only – dte 4/18/08
2.    Mullins – EITHER – dte 4/25/08
3.    Rogers – EITHER – dte 4/28/08
4.    Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
5.   Stackler – EITHER – 5/2/08
6.  Precopia – EITHER – 5/2/08
7. (2) Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
8. (3) Garner - girl only - 5/2/08
9. (4) Delfosse – girl only – 5/9/08
10. (5) Pickard – girl only – 5/9/08
11.  (6) Bartley – girl only – 5/30/08
12. (7) Gagnon – girl only – 5/30/08
13.   Bushre – EITHER – 5/30/08
14. (8) Portilla -girl only-6/13/08
15. (9)  Foote - THAT'S US!!!! 6/13/08  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. (10)Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
17. (11)Kerby- girl only - 6/13/0

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Referrals Have Begun!

We've been in Nashville for the last 2 days and I missed so much! I discovered this evening on our YG that there were 2 girl referrals this week. The Heinrichs had just switched their request from "girl only" to "either", but they received a referral for a girl!!! And the Eckhardts also received a referral for a girl. So, since I had already subtracted the Heinrichs from the list (thinking they would get a boy since they switched their request), we move up one more in line to number 8 in the "girl only" line this week.

So, here's how you all can be praying.... Court dates have proven to be very tricky for all kinds of reasons and there is a back up that is longer than it has been in the past. People getting referrals right now will not get court dates until at least April. Then they have to pass their court date the first time or their next court appointment will not occur for a 4-6 weeks more. For us, this could be where our delay comes in... If we get a referral in April or May we will not have a court date until the late, late June or July at least and Ethiopia closes their courts from Aug to Oct. This means that we will have to get a quick court date AND pass the first time in order to travel to ET before court closures. If we do not make court before August we will ahve to wait through the closure and then we could be caught up in the backlog from closure. I so badly do not want to have a picture of our daughter and not be able to get to her for that long! I think that would be incredibly difficult. And while I know God will give us the strength and endurance we need I am BEGGING God to have mercy and grant us an earlier referral than expected, an earlier court date that expected and a successful first court date!!! So if you want to pray with us - that's how you can pray! Thank you!

Updated list is.....
1. (1) Keiderling – girl only – dte 4/18/08
2.    Mullins – EITHER – dte 4/25/08
3.    Rogers – EITHER – dte 4/28/08
4.    Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
5.   Stackler – EITHER – 5/2/08
6.  Precopia – EITHER – 5/2/08
7. (2) Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
8. (3) Delfosse – girl only – 5/9/08
9. (4) Pickard – girl only – 5/9/08
10.  (5) Bartley – girl only – 5/30/08
11. (6) Gagnon – girl only – 5/30/08
12.   Bushre – EITHER – 5/30/08
13. (7) Portilla -girl only-6/13/08
14. (8)  Foote - THAT'S US!!!! 6/13/08  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. (9)Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
16. (10)Kerby- girl only - 6/13/0

Monday, February 2, 2009

Successful Court Date Today for 3 Families!

The Chan, Black and Reno families passed court today and that is a great relief not only to these families, but to everyone waiting for referrals and court dates! It seemed like no one was passing (at least, it felt like that) until today! The Martin family did not pass, but the good news is that there is only one piece of paperwork missing and they have a new court date of Feb. 16!

Now we're just waiting for February referrals to roll out!

Congrats to all these families! The Chan family lives in Austin and they are such incredible people. Their son, Liam, is a doll. Make sure you go to their site: to see his pictures! We know our Lulu and Liam will be good friends over the years to come! Can't wait!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Moving up in line!

Just read on our YG that the Heinrich family is changing their request from girl only to "either" or "Boy only". So that moves us up the list before referrals even start rolling out for February. I'm not sure why the family changed their request because they were only number 2 in line waiting for a girl. My curiosity is growing? hmmmmm... 

But hey - I'm not complaining because now we are number 9 waiting in the "girl only" line! Oh yeah!

Updated list:
1. (1) Eckhardt – girl only – dte 3/28/08

2. (2) Keiderling – girl only – dte 4/18/08

3.    Mullins – EITHER – dte 4/25/08

4.    Rogers – EITHER – dte 4/28/08

5.    Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08

6.   Stackler – EITHER – 5/2/08

7.  Precopia – EITHER – 5/2/08

8. (3) Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08

9. (4) Delfosse – girl only – 5/9/08

10. (5) Pickard – girl only – 5/9/08

11.  (6) Bartley – girl only – 5/30/08

12. (7) Gagnon – girl only – 5/30/08

13.   Bushre – EITHER – 5/30/08

14. (8) Portilla -girl only-6/13/08

15. (9)  Foote - THAT'S US!!!! 6/13/08  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. (10)Redd - girl only - 6/13/08

17. (11)Kerby- girl only - 6/13/08