Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Libby's Passport Is Here!

Almost 2 months ago we started the application process to get a passport for Libby. Actually - it started even further back when we finished Libby's re-adoption process so she could obtain a US Birth Certificate. Then the passport application, photo, etc. Then a month later we received a letter saying we needed to give the passport agency one more document (which I had prepared to give them the first time around, but the guy said we didn't need it... I should have known better). So, I had to mail that document and trust that we would eventually get it worked out.

Yesterday my friend, Katie, asked if we ever got the passport and the answer was no. But that got me thinking about it and when I was writing my list of people/offices I needed to contact today, the passport agency made the list. I called the number today and it said that if we were not traveling in the next 14 days to go to the website to check our status. So I went to the website and it said, "the application status check is not currently available" and to try again on another day. I took a deep breath and really felt God telling me not to worry about. So I figured I wouldn't worry about contacting them until next week or so.

Well, this afternoon I checked the mail and there it was. YAY!! One step closer!

Of course, Libby's passport doesn't affect when we get a referral - just needed it before we travel and for my own personal relief!

We're still number 2 in line (that we know of). And though our referral could come any day - I wanted to explain that families in line after me could always get a referral first. There is a lot that goes in to our agency choosing children for families and then there are medical tests that have to be completed before they can call us with a referral. That means that someone else's baby could be ready before ours. I figured some of you were not aware of that so I just wanted to give you a better idea of how things work. 

It's all in God's timing. We will know Lulu AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME. (which, of course, I am praying is tomorrow - and if not tomorrow, the next day and if not the next day then surely the next.... and every morning I wait with expectancy!)


PS - She looks so "whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" But she really is a happy girl with a pretty smile!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is a crazy day!!!

Several AW/ET families had court dates last night. Most passed!!! 2 did not, but it looks hopeful that they will get through soon!

AND..... then I received  a voice mail from Alli saying "go check the YG" and found out there were:


Taylor family received a referral for a 1 month old baby girl!!!!!!!!!!

Bushre family received a referral for  a 1 month old baby boy!!!!!!!!!!

Jackson family received a referral for an 8 month baby boy!!!!!!!!!

Oh, But THEN- Kara called  - And updated me that there was a fourth referral - the Pickard family received a referral for a 5 month old baby girl!

AND THAT MEANS...............WE ARE # TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the new lists:
1. (1) Bartley - girl (0-18 months) 5/30/08
2. (2) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.(3) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
4.(4) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

And here's the overall list of the top 10 or so waiting: 

Top 4 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

1. Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl 0-18 months

2. Foote (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

3. Redd (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

4. Kerby (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Here's How We Pray....

After a day and half of a lot of emotions regarding this adoption and a lot of tears (for no reason but the fact that THIS WAIT IS HARD!) we had a conference call and I had a talk with our family coordinator. Though she can not answer my questions or completely ease my anxiety I do feel like my head is above water and I'm treading quite nicely tonight. 

Kara, Alli, Cristie, Jenny, Terry, Elissa, our YG, and many more have been holding my hand and have given so much encouragement. Thank you gals so much! Love you!

So - here is how we need to pray (and I would love for you to join us) regarding the process:

1. A referral to come very soon - hopefully in APRIL (and April starts next week - YAY!!)
2. A court date to be assigned for as early as possible!
3. That our daughter's paperwork would find favor with the judge on our court date and we would pass court THE FIRST TIME!!

This last one is very important because Ethiopia closes their courts sometime in August through part of October. If we do not pass court the first time we could easily get stuck in court closures and have to wait until late October or November to have another court date. 

Of course, there are many other things to pray over regarding our daughter, bonding, the trip there and back, etc. - and we are praying over all these things as well. So, join us if you can. If you have a heart for adoption, but do not necessarily feel called to adopt - this is your chance to play a big part in helping another family fulfill their call to adopt! Prayer is so powerful and God hears!! We may never know of your specific prayers, but God hears and we will be forever changed by your powerful participation in this process! So for those praying with us: THANK YOU!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Referrals!

On Friday, the Low family received a referral for a baby boy. And today the Precopia family received a referral for a 2 month old baby boy. And last - but not least - THE PORTILLAS got a referral for a 2 year old girl!!!!!! The Portillas had the same DTE date as us and they live in Houston so we have been getting to know them through this process. We are SO EXCITED for them! AND the fact that they have a referral now means we really are getting close!!!

WE ARE IN THE TOP FIVE!!! And, it appears we are number 4 in the girl line!  YIPPEE!!!

(ADDED NOTE on Tuesday, March 24 - the Tapper family received a referral today for a sibling group!!! They were also DTE the same date as us, but were listed further down on the list. I have updated the list info below in light of this new referral.) ( ALSO - another note: Shayla Bartley expanded her referral request parameters from infant girl to: girl 0-18 months, & open to sibling of either gender or girl up to age 7. )

Here are the new lists:

1. (1)  Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
2. (2) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
3. (3) Bartley - girl (0-18 months, & open to sibling or girl up to age 7) 5/30/08
4.  Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
5. (4) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7.(5) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
8.(6) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

And here's the overall list of the top 10 or so waiting: 

Top 10 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

1. Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

2. Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

3. Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl 0-18 months, & open to sibling or girl up to age 7

4. Bushre (DTE 5/30/09) – either infant (0 – 6 mos)

5. Foote (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

6. Jackson (DTE 6/13/08) - boy (0-10 months)

7. Redd (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

8. Kerby (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

Libby's Thoughts

Yesterday morning (March 22) Libby woke up chatting away as usual. But she paused for a moment, looked at me and said, "Mom, Jesus wants to tell you something." I said, "What does He want to say?" And Libby replied, "He says Lulu is coming really soon."

So obviously, I just had to write that down so we don't forget about it. And also, who knows - maybe we'll find out something significant happened on that very day in the adoption process or in Lulu's life.

Today, out of nowhere (once again), Libby said, "Mommy, I'm sad." I asked, "Why are you sad?" And she said, "Lulu's not here." So we prayed together that Jesus would see Libby's heart and answer her cries to bring her baby sister home soon.

Someone is going to think I am making all this up or that I am coercing her to say these precious things. But truly, these comments come when we are on completely different topics of conversation. Her face/expression changes to a more serious one and out comes some sweet thought about Lulu. 

Libby is so ready for her little sister. I just keep praying and asking God to give us a referral soon, a really quick court date, and a successful pass on the first try in court so we can get Lulu before court closures!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More about Ms. Teferra and the Children She Left Behind.

The following was taken from Melissa F. Greene's blog: 

The Occasional Blog:


Dear Friends,  By now you may have learned the shocking news that Mrs. Haregewoin Teferra has died suddenly after a short illness. We don't know what caused her death; she felt sick for a couple of days, went to the doctor, came home without a diagnosis, felt sick again, laid down, and that was the end.  We are grieving, yet we have no time to spare: 59 children survive her, many of them toddlers and babies, the majority HIV-positive.   Worldwide Orphans--the New York-based organization that has provided pediatric care to Haregewoin's children for many years--has stepped into the breach. They have assumed full custody of the 42 HIV-positive kids and are prepared to take responsibility for the 17 HIV-negative children, as needed, most of them babies and toddlers. Those small children are still at Haregewoin's foster home; their caregivers have stayed on; and the Atetegeb board has taken charge of their well-being for the present.   These heroic measures come at high cost:  it is estimated to require about $4,600 per child to cover food, healthcare and medicine, education, clothing, and caregivers. Once the children's basic needs are secure, their paperwork will be sorted out: some may be eligible for adoption, others may have extended families in a position to take them in; others may find new placements. No one knows, at this moment, whether Haregewoin had made financial plans for the children in the event of her death.  All that can be sorted out in the future. The crisis is NOW: keeping the children fed and clothed, paying the salaries of loving caregivers to act as stand-ins for their late parents and long-devoted foster mother, and making sure there is no lag-time in their life-saving medical treatment. 

At Little Atetegeb, for positive children
Haregewoin lived with these children seven days a week, 24 hours a day, for ten years.  She is irreplaceable.  The youngest children, of course, have no idea what has just happened. Please let us work together to act as foster parents in absentia for them and to provide financial sustenance to the adults on the ground in Addis during this transitional time.   Thank you in advance for any amount you can give.   Online contributions can be made at   https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2669/shop/custom.jsp?donate_page_KEY=2749   Checks may be sent to:  WWO 511 Valley Street Maplewood, New Jersey 07040  Sincerely,   Melissa
Haregewoin's children
a small but bossy one

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There Is No You Without Me - Sad News From Ethiopia

Leslie Bullington shared our on YG today the following sad news:

"I just read on Melissa Fay Greene's blog that Haregewoin Teferra, the woman
whose story is told in There is No Me Without You has died.

Here is the link. 

This story and this woman were used by God tremendously in so many livesincluding ours and I know many of yours as well."

Indeed Haregewoin's story did make a big impact and thanks to Melissa Fay Greene's incredible writing in "There Is No Me Without You" Haregewoin's story will continue to move many hearts for orphans in Ethiopia and all of Africa. Her story continues to inspire, haunt and move me to this day. I finished the book about this time last year. I cried, rejoiced, contemplated, and hung on every word. 

If you have not read this book - even if you are not considering adoption - you need to do so. It is powerful!

Rest in Peace Haregewoin Teferra. I pray you are face to face with Jesus right now fully adopted and complete. Oh how great your reward must be!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Most Precious Words!

As I've already stated in our previous post, today marks 9 months of official waiting. Who's counting the 5 1/2 months of paperwork before that? Yep, almost 15 months of waiting. And that's if I don't count the entire year of prayer before that for God to show Billy what He had already shown me - that we would indeed adopt from Ethiopia one day.

In all those months of waiting there are many God moments along the way, but I've assumed all along that the most precious words I would hear in the journey is "this is your referral call" and then "you passed court" after that. And finally the most precious words would be the calling of our names or our daughter's name in that final moment before we hold her for the first time.

But today, the most precious words to date are different than those three phrases. Today, the most precious words are from our daughter, Libby. She continues to bless me with her own thoughts and concerns for Lulu. Just a few moments ago Libby very seriously approached me. She has been giggling and laughing all day so I was concerned when she came to me with such a serious look. She was tapping her belly as she said, "Momma, I want to tell Jesus something inside of me." Side note here, as she has learned about the Spirit of Jesus living inside of us she has confused that with the image of a baby living inside of a pregnant mommy. So she says that Jesus lives in her tummy. For a three year old, she still gets the idea fairly well. So, tapping her belly she looks at me with sad eyes as she asks this question. I answered, "What do you want to tell him?" And she said, "I want you to tell him." And I said, "What do you want me to tell him?" The look on her face got even more concerned  and sad. She said, "Tell him I want Lulu." She said it so sweetly and sadly. I almost burst into tears. I leaned over close to her belly  (because he had to be able to hear me from inside her tummy, of course) and prayed with her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I prayed for Jesus to bring Lulu to us quickly. And then she smiled and went back to her normal activities. It was a priceless moment that I just had to jot down right away. 

A few days ago I was reviewing some of the notes I left on Libby's blog back when we were in China. I remembered, before reading the old posts, that the Lord had given me a word that Libby would be a joy and delight, but I had forgotten about a man who was praying over us,  before we arrived in China, who shared that God put on his heart that Libby would be a picture of God's joy. As I read the old post that talked about this I was reminded of the verse, "the joy of the Lord is my strength." As Libby has been giggling and joyful all day I am reminded that he has given her to me as a picture of His joy. And in these difficult moments of waiting for Lulu, His joy shown to me in her will be my strength. Man, I love that girl! Thank you Jesus for these precious moments!

Okay  - posting this a few hours later - more great news!!!! 3 families passed court last night - Howleys, Richardsons and Whipples. AND the Bayly family received a referral for a 6 month old baby boy!!!  Congrats to all!!!!

So, here's the updated list (for "either" and "girl only")

1.  Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08
2. (1)  Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
3. (2) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
4. (3) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08
5.  Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
6. (4)  - But really # 1 in line for a toddler girl!!! - Portilla - girl only - 6/13/08
7. (5) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8.(6) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
9.(7) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

And here's the overall list of the top 10 or so waiting: 

Top 10 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

1. Precopia (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

2. Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

3. Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

4. Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

5. Bushre (DTE 5/30/09) – either infant (0 – 6 mos)

6. Low (DTE 5/30/09) – boy (3 – 36 mos)

7. Portilla (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0- 3 years)

8. Foote (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

9. Jackson (DTE 6/13/08) - boy (0-10 months)

10. Redd (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

11. Kerby (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 months

We've been waiting NINE MONTHS! We are now officially in the window for a referral as AW states that the wait for a referral is 9-11 months. Of course - it's really more like 10-11, but who knows maybe a surprise is around the corner. A mommy has to hope!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

good news keep on comin'

The Delfosse family received a referral today for a 17 month old baby girl!!! That's the only referral today that I know of. Hoping for more, but still celebrating the Delfosse's good news!!!

So, here's the updated list (for "either" and "girl only")

1.  Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
2.  Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08
3. (1)  Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
4. (2) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
5. (3) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08
6.  Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
7. (4)  - But really # 1 in line for a toddler girl!!! - Portilla - girl only - 6/13/08
8. (5) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9.(6) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
10.(7) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

And here's the overall list of the top 10 or so waiting: 

Top 10 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

1. Bayly (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

2. Precopia (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

3. Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

4. Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

5. Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

6. Bushre (DTE 5/30/09) – either infant (0 – 6 mos)

7. Low (DTE 5/30/09) – boy (3 – 36 mos)

8. Portilla (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0- 3 years)

9. Foote (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

10. Jackson (DTE 6/13/08) - boy (0-10 months)

11. Redd (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

12. Kerby (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

13. Tapper (DTE (6/13/08) - sibling group (0-6 years)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Sister's Thinking of You


Today, out of no where and not prompted at all, Libby said, "Momma, Lulu is crying and we need to get her." Then she said, "Lulu is crying and she needs her milk." A little while later while we were cooking she said, "Mom, Lulu is crying and we need to get her home. She needs her milk. Will Jesus give it to her?" And before I could answer she started praying out loud, "Jesus, give Lulu her milk and get her home. Thank you Jesus."

I wonder what is happening in your world today?

Love you!
Mommy and Libby

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To Lulu

Dear Lulu,

When I waited on your big sister, Libby, I had plenty of time on my hands to read, prepare, shop, imagine, journal. I was terrified about becoming a mom so any preparation I could do - I did! Our journey to you is much different. I don't have that fear. Jesus gave us Libby (her formal name being Liberty) to give me liberty/freedom over that fear. When I named her I thought her name was for her - a reminder that she has been set free from abandonment, orphan life, communism, loneliness, etc. But Jesus knew, when He gave us that name for her what it really meant. That she was part of His plan to set us free. 

So during our journey to you we have not had the fear or the absolute need to prepare or worry. However!!! - I didn't realize until today that I have been walking around with heavy numbness in an effort to not set my heart up for disappointment should it take longer to get to you than originally planned. 

On Saturday I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I woke up with joy. The heaviness was not there. I had spent the week asking the Lord to show me how He wanted me to use my time and I had fasted from meeting with friends so I could make room to just hear Him. On Saturday it was as if all that quiet time culminated into a peaceful day of just being settled in Him. At one point that day it was as if Libby could feel the weight come off as well. She kept shouting, "It's a beautiful day! It's a beautiful day!" Right then I started thinking about you and wondering if you were born yet or not. I brought Libby into the kitchen and we did something special to remember that beautiful day. We wrote a letter to you together that is stored away for you to read one day.  

Sunday was a full day. We met Holly and Darren Sapp (who are adopting an older girl from ET) and the Martines for lunch down on the Riverwalk. It was so fun listening to Holly talk about her adoption journey and I had a chance to talk about ours. Later that evening we had house church and your daddy introduced a new song he's been working on called "We Will Trust". The song speaks about how "our God can be counted on" and I continued to think of you and how God is making it possible for you to come home to us soon.

On Monday I woke up with amazing energy and expectation and joy as I set out on my new God-inspired schedule. I spent some time with the Lord, prayed for some friends and family and you. I washed dishes, 2 loads of laundry, mopped the floors, got Libby ready, got myself ready and was off to the gym before 9 am!! That is NOT a normal morning for me. The entire day was amazing and I thought about you some more!

And then today, I went to work out and at the end of the amazing work out we were in "cool down" mode and the instructor was playing slow music that just stirred something up in me. It was a combination of being tired of waiting, being eager to see your face, being overwhelmed at the thought that I might see your face very soon, and being set free to allow myself to feel and sink my heart into this fully. As I put up all my weights (ooo, just realized how that paints the picture perfectly) I kept trying to hold back the tears. Everyone was leaving the room, but Cristie was waiting on me. When I looked her in the eye I knew I would not be able to stop crying. I told her, "I just need to cry" and we went to a bench where I covered my face with a towel and sobbed. It was such a good release. It's like I've been holding it all in and I just needed to let it go. Relax, trust, hope, feel.

I share all of this with you to say - I don't have as many gadgets, toys, clothes or personal journal entries for you as I did for Libby at this point (in part, because I'm so busy with her and our ministries, but in part also because I do not have to fill my time with those things in order to smother my fears this time around)- but as of today my heart is more fully engaged and joyful with anticipation than it has ever been because I get to enjoy our journey to you from this point forward with no fear and no more numbness. I have permission from my Father to enjoy, wonder, and fully feel the emotion of this journey. I know there may be disappointment, but today I realized I would rather feel the joy and risk the disappointment than be without any joy at all. If it takes feeling disappointment to get to you, then I will pay that price. You are worth all the emotion if that's what it takes. And I want to fully celebrate the work God is doing to bring you to us.

Today, to mark all that is happening in my spirit for you I bought a Sit and Stand Stroller at Babies R Us along with a bib, baby monitor, and a few other things. When we arrived home, your daddy and Libby helped me put it together. Libby loves it! And she talked about you being in it with her. I have visions of that. And vision of holding you in the baby Bjorn while holding Libby's hand for a cool afternoon walk (we'll have to be somewhere other than San Antonio for the "cool afternoon" part, but that's okay!). 

I love you Lulu. I know it is crazy difficult for others to comprehend loving someone I have never seen. But God puts it there - the love. Because it's His love and He has a plan for you - to prosper you, to give you hope and a future. Aria-Lu Hope - your name means "lioness of God" "pearl" and "hope". That's what you are. A pearl of God with the heart of a lion that will work to take His hope to the hopeless. When I waited on Libby he gave me two words of promise to me about who she would be. He told me that she would be a joy and delight. She is that exactly! For you He has spoken that you will a child of hope and peace. Jesus is filling our home with His attributes through my children who He has gathered from the nations. Such a beautiful thought!

Sleep in peace, dream with hope. We are coming soon!

March Referrals Have Begun!

I woke up so emotional this morning. After a great workout and looked at my friend, Cristie, and said, "I just need to cry!" So I did. I cried really hard - for no apparent reason. The wait can be so emotional. It's just hard carrying around so much anticipation and knowing so little about when you will see your baby's face.

Today referrals began for the month of March. The Mullins family received a referral for a 1 month baby girl. The Bullingtons received a referral for a baby boy (I believe they were on the boy only list). And the Garner family received a referral. I still have to talk with Heidi Garner to find out the details of their referral but I know they received a referral for a girl - just not sure of the age.

So, here's the updated list (for "either" and "girl only")

1.  Bayly – EITHER – dte 5/2/08
2.  Precopia - EITHER - 5/2/08
3. (1)  Taylor – girl only – 5/2/08
4. (2)  Delfosse - girl only - 5/9/08
5. (3) Pickard - girl only - 5/9/08
6. (4) Bartley - girl only - 5/30/08
7.  Bushre - EITHER - 5/30/08
8. (5)  - But really # 1 in line for a toddler girl!!! - Portilla - girl only - 6/13/08
9. (6) FOOTE - GIRL ONLY - 6/13/08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10.(7) Redd - girl only - 6/13/08
11.(8)) Kerby - girl only- 6/13/08

And here's the overall list of the top 10 or so waiting: (WE MADE THE LIST THIS TIME!)

Top 10 (that we know of) waiting for referral:

1. Bayly (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

2. Precopia (DTE 5/2/08) – either infant (0 – 12 mos)

3. Taylor (DTE 5/2/08) – infant girl (0 – 9 mos)

4. Pickard (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

5. Delfosse (DTE 5/9/09) – infant girl(s) (0 – 18 mos)

6. Bartley (DTE 5/30/09) – infant girl (0 – 12 mos)

7. Bushre (DTE 5/30/09) – either infant (0 – 6 mos)

8. Low (DTE 5/30/09) – boy (3 – 36 mos)

9. Portilla (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0- 3 years)

10. Foote (DTE 6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

11. Jackson (DTE 6/13/08) - boy (0-10 months)

12. Redd (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

13. Kerby (DTE (6/13/08) - girl (0-12 months)

14. Tapper (DTE (6/13/08) - sibling group (0-6 years)

Monday, March 2, 2009

God is SO GOOD!!

March has begun with a bang! There were no referrals today (sad sigh) BUT (now smile!) many AW families who had court dates in late April received an email saying that MOWA (in ET) has agreed to fill out more applications for more cases each day (or something like that, its complicated)  so some dates opened up in March. AW requested earlier court dates for these families and they got it - for late March - almost an entire month earlier!! HELLO!!  

If MOWA is indeed going to follow through with this from now on then we have a MUCH better chance of getting a court date before court closures! This is AWESOME NEWS!!!

Thank you Jesus!!