Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Blog

I plan to continue this blog until Gracie has been home for one year. That's what I did for Libby's adoption website, so I want to go the distance with this one. I will have an update on Gracie in the next few days and continue to post monthly through June 2010.

However, I wanted to share with you the start of a new blog and a new story of adoption. We have been on quite a journey of faith since mid-January and its time to share the story and continue on to the other poetic moments motherhood and life.

So, come take a peak. Its more writing than picture. My goal is to write meaningfully the story of what God is doing in/with our lives. Grab a cup a joe and enjoy the story at:


I invite you to become a follower of the new blog. And when you visit it for the first time, make sure you scroll down to the first entry and start there.


Christine said...

You have a beautiful family! COngrats on your new adoption journey to Haiti!